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project huddle

Using Project Huddle For Web Design Clients

In this short tutorial, I’m going to show you exactly how easy it is to send feedback and comment to us to make changes to your website.

Now we have reached the stage where your input is required so in order to do that we have the simple process.

Now upon entering your website you’re going to be seen with this welcome screen right here.

We’re just going to Simply click on okay.

Now below you’re going to see right here where we says comment

We are going to click on this tab right here and up on clicking on the tab, you will see this crosshair that says click to leave a review. 

Now anywhere on your website you can simply click and leave a review.

So to do that, we’re just going to scroll down…. let’s stay right here we want to change this to Why Us

We’re just going to click on ADD comment.

Now you was in this or the first time you’re going to be prompted to enter your name and your email

So we’re just going to simply going to enter your name and email address.  Click on DONE.

And we are now ready to go. So it right here we have a comment …. Why Us instead of why choose us

and this information is sent to us on the back end.


Now, let’s say we want to make other changes to other areas of the website that click on services.

Alright, so now that we are on the service page let’s repeat the process.

You’’re going to click on comment

and we’re going to choose the area that we need to be changed, so we are going to click here

and let’s say we want to change the background color of this button to Black.

So we’re just going to say change background color to Black and click on comment

Now it’s important to make sure that you are being as descriptive as possible.  Alright, so let’s continue.  So let’s say again we want to make some changes here

I want to change this from notary service to notary public,  so we’re just going to say change to Notary Public and add comment.  Now if you choose not to send this comment then we can simply erase it by clicking on these three dots right here

and then we’re going to go to trash.  Click on ok, and its gone.

Often times we will add a generic next to your website as placeholders.

So as we see here all this is placeholder text.

Now this is where we’re going to require your content to replace this text here.

Now, this is where this feature actually comes in handy.

Simply click on comment go to the area that we want to change the content and then we can always replace it with your actual content here

Click on comment and we’re all done.

Once we received the information on the back end all this information here will be replaced with your content.

Hopefully this little tutorial has been helpful and if there are any questions feel free to reach out to us as usual.





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