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How To Create A Blog In WordPress?

In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the process of creating your blog post

Since we have already done the heavy lifting by designing the layout and feel of your blog, its now easy to for you to start blogging and replacing the placeholder content and image we’ve already posted.

To access your blog area, you first need to log into your WordPress dashboard.. Simply go to your favorite browser, and enter the URL of your website, for example. www.digitalfootprintsolutions.com/wp-admin

Now that you are on your dashboard, this is the area we are interested in. By hovering your mouse you will see a list of options,
All Post | Add Post | Category & Tags

Let’s click on all posts.

Here you see a list of posts already created and published. To edit an existing post, hover over this area and the option to edit will appear. Let’s click on edit to access an existing post

Before we dive into creating a post, let’s have a walkthrough of the blog post landscape.

Here we have the Title Section. This is the Heading or the name you will give to your blog post.

Next. we have the body section. This is where your content will reside. This will include text, images or even videos.

Next, over here to your right, we have the category section. This is where we add a category type for your blog. For example, If you have a blog post about :Travel”, then you add a Travel Category. If you have another blog post about “Beauty” then you add a category called beauty. You get the picture.

The final section when creating your blog is adding an image to your post. It’s important to choose an image that represents your blog.

It is recommended to have all your images of the same size. This displays consistency throughout your blog post. The size we use here at our agency is 1200 x 623, however, you can choose any size that you choose to have.

There are many photo editing software online that you can use to resize your images. One such software is fotor.com. Another option is canva.com. Feel free to search youtube for how you can use these online applications to create beautiful images that represent your blog post.

Now, let’s create your first blog.

You can begin creating a blog by clicking “Add New” or on the sidebar, click “Add New”

First, you are going to add your Blog Title here.

Next, we are going to add the content. I’m just going to go over to my word document, and copy and paste the content here.

If you have images, then we would add the images by clicking on this tab, “Add Media” If you already have files inside your media library, simply locate your image and select it. If you have images on your computer, you can click “Upload File” then “Select Files” and navigate to the folder where you have your image.

Select the file. Click open. Now the image is inside your media library, select it, and click “Insert into post”

You can repeat this process by adding as many images as you choose. Just make sure, your cursor is placed in the location you want your image added.

Next, let’s create our category. In this tutorial, I’m going to create a new category, called tutorials, then click “Add to Category”

Finally, let us now add our featured image. By following the same process, we will click on “Set Featured Image” find your image, and select it.

Once you have gone through reviewing your blog post and ensured everything looks good, you can go ahead and do 2 things.

1. You can schedule to publish your post at a future date by clicking on “Edit” and choosing your published date, or 2. you can choose to publish immediately by clicking “Publish”

Now that you have created your new blog, let’s go ahead and view it on the front end. As soon as you hit publish, a permalink is generated here. We can right-click the link to open a new tab to get a preview. If there are any edits that need to be done, just go back to the post and make those edits.

Once a new post is published, it is placed in chronological order, so your most recent post shows up at the top of your blog page.

This concludes our short tutorial, i do hope the information provided was helpful and as usual, if you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us. Until next time. Take care.


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Ray, is the co-founder of Digital Footprint Solutions, Inc in the Sunny State of Florida. Since 2015. Ray enjoys spending time with his family, builing websites, and going above and beyond for his clients.

Ray Daley | Senior Web Developer

CEO | Co-Owner, Digital Footprint Solutions, Inc. aka DFS Web Design Agency

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